Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love October!

1. This is interesting

This is confusing. At 68-years-old Ringo is NOW too busy to answer fan mail?? I can't imagine how much mail he gets anyway. I don't know anyone who's favorite Beatle is/was Ringo...

3. My birthday was Sunday. I'm 24! Wooo. This is ok with me. It's an even number so I like it. Got pretty crazy with some friends Friday and had a very good meal at Macaroni Grill on Sunday AND got awesome presents! Yesssss.

4. I have a job interview on Thursday. I have applied for 21 jobs and had four interviews. If you pray, pray for me. This girl has got to get out of the house!! I need a job!!

5. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! So ladies touch your boobies and guys go to second base!! Early detection is the most important step in surviving cancer.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Almost Un-unemployed!

Things are going well. I moved into an apartment in uptown about three weeks ago. I love the location. I can walk to many different places including Chipotle which could be bad news.

I've unemployed for a month now. It was fun for the first few days then I just got really bored. I also have becoming so lazy it's gross. You'd think living in my new place for three weeks and being unemployed I'd be totally unpacked and settled but no, there are still boxes I need to unpack.

I have managed to get a couple part time jobs with the Historic Theatre Group which is the Orpheum, State and Pantages theaters downtown. I will be an usher and a box office associate. Woo! I have new hire orientation next week. Yay for some sort of income!!

Still applying and looking for jobs that will make use of my wonderful bachelor degree in mass communications! I've heard that on average recent graduates have had to search for six months before getting a job. So one down five to go!

I sort of have a life plan. This fall and winter I must get in shape cause this girl is chubs. I'm also going to save up some money so in the spring I can take acting classes and start auditioning and acting again!! Woo!! I also really want to work on my writing and comedy and try doing stand-up some more. I just don't know how to do it. I write funny stuff but then what do I do with it? I need a mentor. Where do you get a mentor?

I want to get a second cat but I don't know if my apartment is too small and to have a second cat it'd be all like, "WHOA CAT APARTMENT!"

I have a tummy ache. Uggh.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ho Hum

The Fringe Festival is over. This makes me very sad. It was such a great time. I saw 22 shows total. Some really good and entertaining ones...some not so much. I really hope I can be involved with it again next year somehow. I love the people I was just all awesome!!

I am now unemployed and in two weeks I am also homeless!! Woo!! Life is on the up and up!! Haha. Ok, so a bit melodramatic but whatever. I think I have a plan though. I'm working on finding an apartment, which has not been fun yet. I'll get a few part time jobs at theaters around town because I'm not finding any real life jobs right now. As I explained to my dad earlier today I use the term "real life job" if it is a job that pertains to my degree in public relations. I am also thinking of trying to act again. I might get some headshots and start auditioning...see what happens. I'm pretty excited about my plan...I think.

I'm slightly upset right now. I have had this great idea for my next tattoo. Since I have a mild obsession with the Beatles I wanted to get a Beatles may think lame, I think awesome. This is what I was going to get across the center of my back. For some reason I thought this was a super awesome idea until I realized I wasn't the first one to have it. While browsing pictures of tattoos I found this! The exact tattoo...although I wanted it lower. I know stupid thing to be disappointed about. I shouldn't be thinking about tattoos anyway, I have no money for them.

This is the life of a recent college grad with no job...looking at tattoos and being filled with disappointment.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My American Dream

Hmm...I'm not so good at keeping this very updated. Probably because my life is boring and monotonous.

Well it's July. I hope everyone had a nice 4th. I had a good one. I had my annual family picnic where I was once again harassed about getting dates. My grandma will not let up about me getting a damn tennis racket! And then the uncles start in about learning golf...I mean how do I tell them all I need to meet guys is some rum!! I hate the pressure they put on me because I'm totally fine being single. There is so much I want to do and I'm only 23...ufft.

I totally fucked up my job interview for my dream job. Yeah, I fail at life. It seriously would have been perfect but I hate talking on the phone and since they are in Chicago it was a phone interview and it sucked. I sometimes have a hard time speaking and making clear my ideas...which um, is stupid since I got my degree in COMMUNICATIONS!! I'm a communications person who can't communicate! AWESOME! UGGHH!

I have applied for some other jobs in Chicago and a couple here in Minneapolis. But I don't know...I feel like if I end up here I'll never get out. And Minneapolis is nice and all but I never imagined myself staying in Minnesota my whole life. I have lame dreams of living and working in Chicago and then meeting a man and we'll get married and live in the city for awhile but then when we want to have kids we'll move out to the suburbs and I'll end up being a stay at home mom and we'll live happily ever after. And yes, I am aware that my dream sets the women's movement back about 50 years.

I just don't feel like I should move to Chicago without having a job lined up...but I also actually don't want to live and work here in Minneapolis.

Maybe I should just go back to college.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Door Closes and Another One Opens

This morning was interesting. I checked my e-mail (of course, because I have a major e-mail checking OCD) and I had two e-mails. The first one was from the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago which I applied for an apprenticeship at. This apprenticeship is something I wanted so bad. I don't think I can possibly explain how badly I wanted it. And I actually thought I was a great candidate for the position. Well, the e-mail from them today said they had many qualified candidates blah blah blah but that I wasn't one of them. Well it didn't say that exactly but it said they couldn't offer me an apprenticeship at this time and I should apply again next year. Uggh. Whatever.

The second e-mail I open is from another theater in Chicago called Collaboraction. I found a posting for a job opening at that theater earlier this week and sent them my resume at about 2 a.m. Friday morning. So unlike Steppenwolf, who I waited nearly two months to hear back from Collaboraction responded in eight hours. Anyway, I have a phone interview for a part-time marketing coordinator!!

I just really can't get over how my first e-mail says no job for you and the next one is an interview. It's pretty exciting!! Being a marketing coordinator at a theater is basically exactly what I want to do (I think).

But now is the stressful job of trying to figure out how to sound smart and professional and act like I know what I'm talking about for my phone interview on Monday.

It's weird because I have been wanting and talking about moving to Chicago for along time now but all of a sudden I'm seriously freaking out. I think it's because it's actually a for real possiblity now. I'm close to a time where I can actually do it. However, I am beginning to doubt myself. I don't know if I really can go and move to the big city all by myself. I'm starting to really like Minneapolis and there is a much bigger performing arts community here than I had realized. I have many friends around here, it's closer to home...but on the other hand I've never imagined myself staying in Minnesota my whole life.

I guess I'll have to see how this interview goes. I'm excited for the interview but in all honesty I can't imagine that I'll actually get the job. Am I really ready for a real life job...Ugghh!! I guess...I've had two internship and a four-year degree training me in this right? SO SCARY!!

Maybe I'll move to Chicago for at least a year. Most apartment leases are for at least a I could just go and if I hate it move back. Or maybe I'll just stay here...I need guidence!!

Overall, life is great. I don't think I could be any happier in any area. Although I do get a tad bored and wish I could spend more time with my friends. But work, family/friend relationships are all good and believe it or not I might actually have a bit of a dating life!! CRAZY!!

But for some reason lately I keep getting the most ridiculous advice about meeting guys from family members. My grandma said I need to go buy a tennis racket and start playing tennis. Find a court somewhere around me and go there frequently so I can meet men. She told me to go hit some balls...
My uncle on the other hand says he'll teach me how to golf so I can meet men that way. The advice is all greatly appreciated...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Give me a 10 for Cutest Pet

Recent College Grad with No Confidence Seeks Job

Today I had the stupidest thought. I have been wanting to move to Chicago for some time now. But today I was thinking that maybe I should just stay in Minneapolis. Stay in Minneapolis because I know people and have friends here. Not that it's stupid that I want to stay with my friends but to stay because I am scared of not making new friends. I know I can. It'll be hard at first but I'll be able to meet new people in Chicago. I just thought it was so dumb of me to question whether or not I could do it.

I'm updating the resume...always fun. I've found some more theaters to apply at. Hopefully something will come up. It may sound naive but I have all the faith in the world that my Lord will help me end up exactly where I need to be. Because of my past I know for sure, with all my heart everything happens for a reason.

And it's not that I'm totally ruling out staying in Minneapolis, it's just that I've had it in my head to move to a bigger city. But since being here and DRIVING around here...Minneapolis is a big city! Haha. Obviously if something happens for me to stay here I will.

Job searching is more stressful/annoying then I had expected it to be. I keep finding internships, paid internships that I know I could get but really how many internships can someone have...specially a college graduate. I know I need to get a real life job, but I won't lie, that scares the CRAP out of me!! I dont' know what I'm doing...

A part of me loves how uncertain everything is right now...the world is my oyster! But the other part is scared to death.